We provide clean water to inaccessible South Asian villages, where locals walk four hours every morning for their daily water supply. Our solution uses solar energy to power custom-engineered water pumps that provide 3 million cups of filtered groundwater every year for 25 years


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...shall a father send his children to school or to that distant well to collect clean drinking water for the day? What would you do?
— Cornell Policy Review
The most innovative, economically efficient, and sustainable water provision project to date
— Pakistan Television Network

Lastest Updates:

Goldman Sachs Gives Analyst Impact Fund: Earlier this year, Bondh E Shams won the 1st place prize and $150,000 in the highly competitive Goldman Sachs 2018 Analyst Impact Fund! Since then we have been working to expand operations and honing in on a strategy to guide us into our growing future.

Forbes 30 Under 30: Our CEO and founder, Hamza Farrukh was selected to be on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia - 2018 Social Entrepreneurs list. We are grateful for their feature and excited about the opportunities to come!

Solar Water Campaign in Pakistan: We have two teams in Pakistan divided between the North team and the South team with over 50 volunteers altogether. We have completed 8 projects in Bela and provided water to roughly 2,500 people. We are now expanding to new areas in Balochistan where we are assessing the need for new projects by using our location survey tool.

Conservation Campaign in Pakistan: We have added tree plantation to our work. We hosted our first tree plantation drives with Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School in collaboration with Tofiq Pasha, and we have planted approximately 100 trees in total. We are currently scoping out other opportunities to expand our conservation work.

Operations in Bangladesh & Sudan: We are pursuing opportunities and partnering with other charities to expand our work in Cox’s Bazar and in South Sudan. We hope that our work in Bangladesh can help service the Rohingya refugees.

Social Media: Want to see more of us? Check out and follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Every week we have “Conservation Fridays,” where we post water conservation tips and “Motivation Mondays,” where we post a motivational clip or quote.

UK/US Registration: Thanks to the hard work of both of our General Secretaries we have now submitted all of our documents for review to be registered as an official charity in the US and we are officially registered as a charity in the UK.

New York Fundraiser: Our New York fundraiser on October 6th, 2018 had a terrific turn-out! Thank you everyone for coming and we will keep you posted on future fundraising events.

Sohni Dharti Digital Competition: We recently took part in a video competition where we won 5,000 PKR as a prize. We thank our volunteer Talal Ibrahim who seamlessly edited the video that helped us secure the prize.

Other: Our founder, Hamza Farrukh was recently featured in GroundBreakers. He discusses his motivations and inspirations behind creating Bondh E Shams.


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