Bondh E Shams Application Portal

You may apply for either one of the following two programs with us:

1. Sustainability AmbassadorS - (Currently Open)


Our exclusive Sustainability Ambassadorship program reflects our Founder's firm belief that Bondh E Shams (BES) is more than a charity, it is a global platform meant to unlock the potential of our youth. 

Each selected Ambassador serves as the face of our work and will help advocate for a safer, more sustainable world where clean water is no longer a luxury, but a right afforded to every single person. Each Ambassador will be empowered to advocate in their own style, working within the Foundational Principles set out by our Management Team.

Each will be assigned a "Sponsor" from among the Management Team (that includes our Founder, President and Secretaries) who will help you learn the ropes and unlock your potential within our team.

2. The 2018 Volunteer Program - (Currently Open)

Applications for volunteers are open. Please choose one or more of the below sub-teams.

Volunteer Team Subgroups:

Our 100+ volunteers have shaped and built our entire organization. As a volunteer, you will be working closely with other volunteers and reporting to the sub-team lead. You will also have a chance to hear directly from senior leadership, including the core management team.

  • Logistics (Field Work): The logistics team tackles the hands-on pump installation details, including location scouting, sourcing equipment, water sampling, community outreach, and installation management.

  • Finance and Fundraising: The team’s fundraising activities include developing pitch materials, reaching out to potential donors, establishing corporate social responsibility partnerships, and organizing fundraising events. Finance activities include managing account and donation records, reimbursing volunteers for out of pocket expenses, and coordinating financial details with the core and logistics teams.

  • Social Media Content (SMC): Social Media Content volunteers take photos/video on site visits, collect information from across the organization for sharing with the public, and brainstorm and develop content for our different social media platforms. We are currently looking for volunteers to run our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, if you are interested let us know.

  • Impact Assessment: The impact assessment team develops scientific methodologies for demonstrating the health, education, and economic impact of the water pumps, as well as studying the water quality, continuity, and other factors. They conduct field visits for data collection, analyze the results, and share our findings.

  • Conservation: The conservation team plants trees, develops water conservation strategies, and conducts public outreach efforts to educate on water conservation, how to clean water, and other conservation issues. They work closely with the Social Media Content team to share our educational efforts.

  • Ideas and Innovation: Beyond the above sub-groups, there are other ways to contribute—such as conducting R&D related to the global water problem, establishing collaborations/partnerships with similar organizations, and sharing ideas on how Bondh E Shams can enhance internal and public-facing operations.

Please ensure that your CV is concise and reflects your interest in our vision. Thank you!

Each Sustainability Ambassador and Volunteer is encouraged to make a suggested donation of £10 per month

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