Off-Grid Aqua Solar Integration System

Oasis is a renewable, cost-effective and transportable solution for the global water crisis.
  1. equipped for off-grid villages and refugee camps


2. first-ever water solution that can be deployed in under 7 minutes

3. 5,000 liters of filtered clean water every day


4. radical transparency & Enhanced Disaster Response Analytics


Each system is calibrated to suit the specific needs of a given community by systematically analysing 3 key metrics: the population size, the depth of the water source, and finally the prevalence of water contamination.

The solar panels create electricity that is channeled via a Variable Frequency Drive that optimizes energy usage by varying frequency and voltage. This piece of technology is important in achieving energy efficiency, increasing the life of the equipment and minimizing implementation costs.

The water is then filtered using 0.1 micron ultrafiltration. The hollow fiber membrane filters are comprised of U-shaped microtubes that allow water to enter into their core through tiny micro-pores, trapping the bacteria and biological pathogens (including typhoid, cholera, and E. coli).

The extracted water is stored in two large storage tanks, one marked for clean water consumption, and the other for daily household use such as washing dishes.


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