Interview with Hamza Farrukh

We are proud to share that Bondh E Shams - The Solar Water Project was featured by Early Edition on ANC, an international TV Channel from the Philippines, in an interview with our CEO, Hamza.

This remains significant to us at Bondh E Shams, as we progress towards a flatter world, reliant on collaboration between different countries, with one common aim of improving the world at large. Bondh E Shams aims to do exactly this and act as a model for change for all those suffering to get clean water with ease.

It is a basic right to have access to safe and clean water and remains a part of Sustainable Development Goals declared by UN.

Help us. Join us. Let's bring a change. Let's unite for better.

Uploaded by PTV News on 2018-03-29.

Upcoming 3rd Project Next Month!

Team Bondh E Shams is proud to announce that we are proceeding with installation of our third solar water pump next month in a water-scarce village. This project will provide clean drinking water to 2000 residents every day for the next 25 years without depending on electricity!

We are just $4000 away from installation of our third solar water pump. Team Bondh E Shams asks you to play an active role and be a reason for 2000 people to smile every day after a month.

We thank those who have already donated. Keep supporting!

Williams College (#1 Liberal Arts College of US) Features BES

Today Williams Colleg featured Hamza Farrukh, our founder, and Bondh E Shams - The Solar Water Project on its homepage. We try not to lose perspective: the world's best liberal arts college just did a piece on a project operating in Pakistan, for Pakistani people, lead by Pakistanis, Americans, Indians, and Brits alike; seamlessly tied alliances united by the unshakeable belief in our mission to get clean water to every deserving man, woman and child.

The irony is that this happened within a few hours of Trump jettisoning Pakistan after a failed American policy in Afghanistan. I posit this as a response to Trump's conception of the world, not from Pakistanis, but from an American college that consistently produces global thought leaders.


Week 1 of Outreach!

The world is a bit of a crazy place right now, and there are numerous very worthy and urgent causes that need your attention, PR, Myanmar & and the broader refugee crises to name just a few. I’ll be honest: i have always struggled with this question of “prioritisation or sympathies.” With so much going on, what most deserves our attention? Each one of us may have a different answer but personally, the most important thing for me is to keep consistently pushing forward on our water project for water often kills silently and while we’re looking the other way. It’s a cause that needs consistent reminding of its urgency. And it’s cause that’ll always remain life-changing. 

Happy hump day.

- Hamza Farrukh

Humaray Log Social Media Platform Recognizes Bondh-E-Shams

Humary Log writes...
"Could you walk 3 kilometers every morning just to get a cup of water?” Hamza Farrukh and his team are leading the way so that the poor in Pakistan don't have to answer that question. 

Hamza began Bondh E Shams - The Solar Water Project
(please link page — as a third year student at Williams College, USA in a fight to bring sustainable & clean water to Pakistani villages. 

By enabling a maintenance-free and green source of water supply, his team has eased the daily pressure for water, reduced water-borne diseases like typhoid, improved the literacy rate (since Children
spend the day attending school instead of gathering water and positively impacted gender norms in the village by challenging regressive views (women
take leadership roles in maintaining the water pump and spend less of their day fetching water).

Their work won the international Davis Projects for Peace Prize in 2014, and was published by the Cornell Policy Review, interviewed by the Pakistan Television Corporation and FM 101 Channel Pakistan. The team made Pakistan proud this week when they won the 7th prize at an international social impact & non-profit competition in London!

At a time when Pakistan has been getting negative press, the Bondh-E-Shams team is busy making Pakistanis proud around the world, and showing true youth leadership. 

Bondh-E-Shams currently serves ~5,000 people across two villages in Punjab, and want to expand to drier region in Baluchistan and Sindh next. Support their mission by checking out their work on their page or donate at their GoFundMe


The Pivot to Changing Lives

There is power in scale: $25,000 USD (25 lakh rupees) serves an estimated 15,000 under-privileged Pakistanis across 9 village-towns for 25 years. With a $50 donation, you will supply 32 men, women and children clean water daily for twenty five years. At $100, you will be serving 75+ people everyday, providing around 41,000 cups of clean water in just 1 year.

Our innovative and incredibly cost-efficient green solution to the global water crisis was ranked the 7th best social impact by Goldman Sachs and published by the The Daily Times, Medium & Pakistan Television, among others. Join us today to help amplify this impact and fight the unimaginable horrors faced by water-scare communities. 


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